Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PSP Case

This is my very first tutorial so feedback is welcome, and do let me know if I left anything out.
A couple weeks ago my boyfriend asked me if I could make him something to hold his PSP and a few games. I didn't find any patterns online but did look at a few tutorials for dsi cases. I found this pouch style case here, but made lots of changes to fit what my boyfriend was looking for. This is how I made it:
I used a 20”x 9” piece of denim for the back
20”x 9” piece of fleece as substitute for batting
11.5” x 9” flannel for inside
8.5”x 9” minkey dot for inside
2 pieces of flannel 3.5”x 9” for game pockets
1 piece of flannel 3” x 11” for carry strap
1 piece denim 3.5” x 5” for the closure strap
Velcro 3.5”
I stitched the flannel and minky together to create a 20”x 9” piece. I did this so the minky is the lining for the pocket only. I thought it would not scratch the PSP but apparently it was not manly enough to use for the hole case
for pockets I pressed top and bottom (long ends) 1/4”.
then zig-zag stitched with 1/4'” from the edge.
I folded the inner piece (tri-fold) and marked the folds so I could place my pockets in between. ( I hope that makes sense). Once the pockets were in place I sew along the bottom with strait stitch next to the zig-zag.
Then I placed a mark every 3” on both pockets
Then stitched a strait line across pocket from top to bottom at each mark to form 6 game pockets. Pockets ended up being 2 3/4” x 2 1/2” and held the games tight so they wont slip out.
for the carry strap I folded right sides together stitched close 1/4” from edge, and left short ends open.
then I turned my tube and topstitched down both sides
place all  three pieces together and pinned. Fleece, denim RS up, flannel RS down. If your using a strap than sandwich it between layers with about 1/2” sticking out of seam.(sorry no pic). Sew around all sides leaving a 4” hole at top to turn.
(I messed this part up and had the denim wrong side up,didn't notice until i finished sewing and turned it right side out but it still turned all right.

I trimmed the seams a little because the fleece made them bulky, then clipped the corners
turn the case right side out
next a made another tube with the small piece of denim and attached the hook side of the Velcro ( my stitches are a little sloppy here)
I pinned the Velcro strap in the top opening, then folded case and pin the other side of. Once I stitched the Velcro to back I realized this step should have been done before sewing pieces together. I now have an unusable pocket.
I folded the bottom up about 4” to create the main pocket.
the I closed up the top and topstitched around entire case 1/4” from edge
now just fill with games fold up and enjoy!

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