Friday, May 13, 2011

KCWC day 4

so yesterday was day 4 and I'm posting late again due to blogger issue… Anyway I completed two skirts and cut pattern pieces for a diaper cover and sun hat. I am having so much fun this week even though most of my project have not turned out right. Most are easily fixable and I'm getting lots of practice!
I made this skirt for Ashley because she loved the fabric. I used FOE on the waist band instead of a casing, but it didn't gather as much as i had hoped. It is about 2 sizes to big. Tomorrow I plan on flipping upside down and adding elastic to turn it into a tube top.

I was surfing the J crew website and found this skirt. The girls thought it was cute and it is reversible so I spent an hour or so trying to make something similar. Not sure why it took me so long when the answer was so simple but I just couldn’t figure it out at first.
103_0455 103_0452
This is what I came up with and I am very happy with it. The print side is part of  knit summer dress of mine that no longer fit after baby number three. I found the other knit fabric in my stash and it matches pretty well. Now I just have to make one more exactly the same :)

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