Monday, May 9, 2011

Kids Clothes Week Challenge Day 1


I had a very productive hour of sewing today (well for me anyway). I  got three items cut and half finished. I may have gotten more done but it was a P.A. day so all three kids were at home with me.


This is a pair of ruched leggings I'm working on. you can find the tutorial here. this pair just needs to be ruched on the legs.


here is the second pair of leggings, I still need to add casing and elastic then ruching on legs.


and here are the pants for my son. I used a pair of pants that fit to get the pattern. They just need elastic. I was able to use a t-shirt for these since they are so small, so no hemming involved. Baby clothes are much faster to sew up.

For tomorrow I plan to finish the pants and start on skirts for the girls and shorts for the boy. I will be posting my progress for each day till the end of the week. If your not sure what KCWC is you can get the info here

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  1. That's a lot for one day! Good for you! Here from the KCWC flickr group. :)