Thursday, April 14, 2011

T-shirt throws




last weekend I was sorting out the twins seasonal clothing, when I found a huge mess of old tee’s that had stains, holes or were to worn out to donate. We wanted a fun way to upcycle these shirts so that they didn't have to go in the trash. I searched around and found the a tutorial for a children's t-shirt throws here. I loved the idea and started making two of these throws right away. I changed it a bit to make it smaller and made all blocks the same size. there is 3 rows and 4 columns of 10x10 inch squares. I found this project quick and easy for me because i didn't need to worry about backing or batting. The girls absolutely love how soft these are and use them for watching TV,reading, listening to music. As an added bonus the middle square has a small pocket for an mp3 player. I would love to make one for myself if I can find enough shirts. Check back soon to see my first tutorial. I will be sewing up some  matching storage/carry bags that the girls asked me to make from the shirt scraps.

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